Sunday, May 1, 2011

Moving in in 2 weeks!

Well, another week has gone by and I feel like we have done a lot but there is still so much that needs to be done. On the bright side, most of the stuff that still needs to be worked on/finished are things the contractor is having other people do! The bad news is we need to be fully moved out of the apartment by May 15. That is in 2 weeks!

This week we finished painting our bedroom and living room. The living room has curved ceilings and then comes down the wall to the wood trimming. So, it was a little harder to paint than just a room with actual corners. There is a TON of prepping involved in painting this house. Since it's so old and was a rental, there are layers and layers and more layers of paint. So, when there are chips in the wood or door frames, it's very easy to peel off more paint and have large parts stripped away. Then you have to sand it down or completely strip the area of the old paint and start over. I could easily do this to every part of the living room, but only have so many days. With that said, I am only focusing on the door frames and fixing those up and just painting over everything else.

My mom helped me fix up one door this Saturday. I had scraped off some of the paint and she stripped the rest of the door with a paint stripper. It's going to look so much better when we are done and have it re-painted. Then you will be able to see the details so much better with all of the groves not covered in layers of paint. Keep an open mind, it's a work in progress.

I am planning to do this to as many doors as possible in the house, but this one side of the door took all day to do, and it's not even done yet. So I am thinking this will be a long term project that I can work on over a long period of time. One door at a time. Just to let you know, there are 4 doors that connect to the living room alone. It could possibly take me the rest of my life ahaha.

While my mom and I were working on that, Amy, Erin and my dad were busy tiling our bathroom!!! YEAH! Since there is only 1 bathroom, we needed to have it tiled before we moved in. On Monday we are grouting it and then hopefully once the plumber does his stuff, we can put in the new vanity! Then, the contractor has to re-drywall the bathroom walls. I will put up before and after pictures.

Those are before, we took off the wood paneling, took out that mirror, vanity, the ugly wall heater is coming off too. This is the in between look. And it looks better in the before pictures than right now haha.

I am a little stressed out because like I said there is a lot to be done before it's ready for us to move into. We are getting the new carpet installed probably around May 12 or 13. But before then, 2 bedrooms need plaster repair and I need to wait until that is done to get the carpet in. But then I want to paint the walls before the carpet goes down too. Then the bathroom dry wall needs to be done before we put in the new vanity, a fan needs to be installed in the bathroom too. Then the plumber needs to put in new plumbing before the vanity goes in. And did I mention that the kitchen sink doesn't work right now, so our only running water was the bathroom sink?!?!! AH! But luckily there is the back unit that is vacant, so we were using that bathroom and kitchen for water. It's so stressful how I can't do anything that needs to be fixed, I am just waiting on other people to do it. One day at a time.

I am really grateful for everyone who is helping us with the house, thanks!!! If you want to come visit/help, let me know :) Here are some more pictures. (Before and after)

 It's a work house! My kitchen is never allowed to get his messy after this is over :)

And last but not least, what mine and everyone else's hands looked like after working all day Saturday. Seriously dried out and bleeding knuckles, all for the house!

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