Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All Moved In

This last weekend, we had family help us move out/clean the apartment and by Saturday night we were living in the house! The workers did a great job of getting all the necessary things done by Friday so it was livable space. Such as: putting in our toilet and vanity in the bathroom, putting in our kitchen sink, and then getting all the plumbing done.

The electrician is coming today to add some more outlets around the house and to hook up power for our dishwasher and garbage disposal. And laundry! We have had the washer and dryer ready for 2 weeks but there is no 220 power source yet, needless to say our laundry is piled sky high and I am looking forward to actually do lots and lots of laundry tonight.

With this storm the last few days, our house has been freezing! We have not gotten HVAC yet and our wall heater is seriously from the 70's so we borrowed some space heaters and got my electric blanket! We are going to be complaining about how hot it will get in the house by next week :). But, there really is no sleeping in because the workers have been getting there at 7am sharp! And they are inside the house working on the drywall and stuff.

The only things left inside our house are: finish the 2 bedrooms (they removed all the old plaster and are putting up drywall), finish the wall in the kitchen, dry wall our dining area ceiling (from the ugly weird high school classroom ceiling tiles), smooth out the walls in the bathroom (and then I can finally paint it and put up the vanity mirror and lights), install bathroom fan, and then once all of the workers are done, we can tile our kitchen/dining area and entry way. We have been holding that off because of the heavy traffic and want to keep it looking nice :)

We still don't have internet hooked up, so it might be a few more days until I update my blog. I hope everyone is having fun seeing the transformation because I know I am! And then we can have visitors!!

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