Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Told You I Would

I told you I would be mentioning funny stories from work, but my house is consuming my life! Sorry. So here is one for you:

On Tuesday, I was on the register at work and my two co-workers were in the back room. There were like 3 people in line, and all of a sudden I look over at the condiment bar, where everyone puts cream and sugar in their drinks, and there was this homeless woman looking at me and talking loudly (to me?). She was saying nonsense of some sort while grabbing handfulls at a time of our napkins. I then addressed her by saying, "Is there anything else you need besides all of my napkins?" I usually would not have said this if it clearly wasn't someone who was crazy and yelling. She replied, "They're not your napkins!" "But they are for our customers," I said. She then grabbed a handful of drink sleeves (who needs a handful of those??) and then she yelled, "This is a hospital!!!" and ran out the door. The end.

Things I am working on besides the house itself:
 Turning 22!!
Changing our address and setting up the mail to be forwarded.
Ordered change of address cards that I can mail out to family and stuff.
Cleaning our apartment. I have deep cleaned our stove, oven, outside of fridge, outside of kitchen cabinets, and the shower so far. Still have to do a lot more. Cleaning the apartment is the last thing I want to be doing when I still need to clean our own house a little bit more by Sunday....Anyone like to clean and likes me and wants to help??? :)
Working at Starbucks.
NOT cooking. It's kinda been bitter sweet because I love cooking so much but I am so tired when we get home on average at 9pm every night from the house. So it's been eating out or eating something microwavable!
Slowly packing and moving things into the house/basement.

Here is a picture of the progress they are making on the kitchen in the house!! I am so excited. My sink is huge and the countertop is about 8 feet longer than the one at the apartment!!!
These are old door knobs and old hinges and then the ones we stripped and I added new glass door knobs! I got 2 more for my birthday and I love them!!!

And, after Erin's dad took out the stump in the backyard, Erin went and planted some tomatoes and peppers!! I think we are going to be making salsa this summer!!


  1. Hmmmm.. I don't like to clean, I like you and I do want to help. HA! I just don't know what I could do with three kids (four including Jake) tagging along. Chances are things would get a little bit crazier than that homeless lady in Starbucks.=) But seriously let me know if there is anything I can do. Oh and we need to chat about a banner for your blog!

  2. LOL Leslie! I love your comment.

    That was a hilarious story, Melanie. I'll bet you see everything. I wish I could get down there to help you....maybe next week. We can talk Sunday. :-)