Sunday, May 29, 2011

I love our house

This last week, Erin was out of town for work from Sunday evening until Thursday evening. And I was a little lonely in this big old house! But I survived. I did seal and prime our bedroom closet, paint it and put in hooks all by myself! I also spray painted these curtain rods that came with the house from black into this antique metal color and they turned out great. I put up our curtains and my sister came up and helped me put up a painting and do some shopping!

Things are coming along. The bathroom and 2 bedrooms are still not finished and I am waiting on the workers to get them done, so I'm trying to not get frustrated that they have been unfinished for the last 2 weeks. But, they did pour the cement sidewalks on Friday and they are looking great!

I also bought a beautiful french provencial dresser this week, courtesy of craigslist, for $45!!! It's super shabby chic and I love it :) I put in some scented drawer liners so my clothes smell good.

Erin finally installed my birthday present, a semi-flush chandelier that looks wonderful in our entry way.
This is the door I was working on while Erin was gone. It's still a work in progress hehe
And then these are the curtain rods I updated, the curtains, and the painting my sister helped with :)

We have Erin's cousin staying with us this weekend, our first out of town guest!!! Too bad our guest room isn't done, so he is staying in the living room on the air mattress. But we are enjoying the company. Tonight we are BBQing and my parents are dropping off our kitchen table and chairs that a family friend gave us! Yeah for hand-me-downs!

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