Friday, May 20, 2011

Slow and Steady...kinda

We have been here for exactly one week now, and I think a lot has been done. I'm not sure though. haha. Finally, today, a week late the electricians came to hook up the dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer and dryer, and put in some more outlets. But, they didn't get it all done. I'm not supposed to use the dishwasher and microwave at the same time...sounds a little sketch. But they will be back on Monday. Or they better be at least! Also, I went to turn on the dishwasher but it sounds really bad and there is no water coming in. There is power though. And I am one unhappy person. Does that mean the plumber has to come back?? That could be a while. AHHH!

Erin and I moved in a couch, courtesy of my parents, so now we have somewhere to sit besides our bed. Because the kitchen isn't done, so there is no kitchen table or anything else. Comcast came today. This is a funny store, NOT! They were supposed to be here Tuesday between 4 and 6pm. I left Folsom at 3 and sat in sooo much traffic, only to arrive at my door at exactly 4:01. At 630, we call comcast and let them know that their technician never showed up. They informed us that the technician was there at 3:55pm!!! To which we replied, that is not between 4 and 6. Then they tried to get us another appointment for next week, and I was not having that after I hustled and sat in traffic forever to get there and then they left early?? Oh heck no haha. So I told Erin to hand me the phone, he told the lady, "hold on, my wife wants to yell at you." Thanks babe. I was nice, don't worry, but simply informed them that next week was unacceptable and they needed to have another time available for us this week. So, they came today and now I am happy.

Good news! My friend Kaitlin and her family just stopped by and checked out the house (I love visitors, please come by) and so I took a break from finishing this blog, and guess what!?! While we were talking, one of the workers stopped by to grab some of his tools and I mentioned the dishwasher problem and he fixed it!!! Praise the Lord!

I am working on a craft project...not sure when I'll finish it since I have to finish the rest of my house, but I have an idea. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of what the board looked like before I painted it, but it was this teal decorative board that said, "Always kiss me goodnight." I bought it thinking we could put it on our headboard because I think that saying is sweet. Erin wasn't having it. He also replied with, "Why do I need to say goodnight? I'm not going anywhere haha." So hence the project of what to do with it.

I am going to screw in the knobs and hang jewelery from it! Thanks Brit for the idea, forever ago.
More pictures:

We got all new drains put in. They tore up the concrete walkways along the house, ripped out of dirt packed clay drain pipes and replaced them with new ones so that they can actually drain into the street. There are literally trees limbs coming out of some of the pipes.

And last but not least, my house has a slide! hahah I think this is pretty funny

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  1. Those Comcast people....they did the same thing to us once and now we have them call us when they are leaving the job before ours.

    And Erin cracks me up...."My wife wants to yell at you", and "Why do I need to say goodnight?" LOL!