Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kauai- Day 9

Today was our last full day!! :( So sad! We could easily stay for another week, it's crazy.

This morning we went on a boat tour of the Na Pali coastline. So fun! We left about 8:30am and the water was perfect. No wind or white caps. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip and I would highly recommend this tour. It was the Blue Dolphin Charters. Use them if you are coming here. All of the crew was super friendly. The captain was awesome. They are remembered our names throughout the day. We had fruit and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a deli lunch. They walked around and made sure everyone had something to drink. Soda, fruit juice, water. The captain even bartended after the snorkeling!

A great view of Ni'ihau. Did you know only 200 people live on the island and ONLY hawaiians can live on the island. No one else is allowed on the island. 

We were guaranteed to see dolphins and we sure did. This video is just a small glimpse of them. There were tons. These are spinner dolphins. Seriously, they spin out of the water. It was so fun to watch. Jumps, spins, flips and everything!

The captain drove the boat right under a little waterfall. It felt really nice. We were on a large catamaran but some smaller boat tours go into the tunnels.

Gorgeous water. It looked like it was glowing in the dark.

We snorkeled for about an hour and it was amazing. We saw tons of fish, warm water, great visibility. And we saw lots of turtles! On the ride back, we had all you can drink mai tais. Good time all around.

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