Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kauai- Day 5

Today was a very fun day of hiking! I'm beat, but it was a great hike. We headed out to the North Shore today. We went hiking on the Hanakapiai Falls trail. 8 miles round trip. 8, people! By far the longest hike I've ever been on. So glad we did it. Erin has done it once before and he was barefoot. He  is a

This part of the island, the Na Pali Coast, is only accessible by boat. It is really popular to see by helicopter too!

 The hike took us about 6 hours total, with time to hang out at the falls for a bit. It was the coldest swim I think I've ever done, but so glad we got in. We almost didn't get in. Then I thought about how everyone who sees the pictures will ask us if we swam and I didn't want to say no! We walked 8 stinking miles! He He. Glad we did it for sure. Also, my camera was on video and I didn't notice until the guy walked away, so there ya go! You get a video of us!

After the hike, we decided it was time to get happy. We stopped at a restaurant with patio dining upstairs! We love sitting on the edge and looking out. Can you blame us?

After fish and chips and mai tais, we headed back towards the resort. But first, we stopped to look at the lighthouse!

Kilauea Point is the northern most part in all of the Hawaiian islands! The lighthouse was closed by the time we got there. We are hoping to go back and see it. It also has a bird refuge. Pretty neat!

We came back and sat in the hot tub for a while. Living the life!

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