Sunday, December 8, 2013

We Made a Baby! Yay!!

We are officially sharing the most exciting news we have ever had-we're pregnant! Erin and I decided to start a family and praise the Lord it didn't take very long :)

When we first got engaged, I wanted to be on the 10 year plan! I thought we would be married for a long time and be selfish and enjoy our time together, party of 2 ;) Let's be honest! But, our hearts have changed and after 3 years of marriage and a "babymoon" to Kauai (one last hoorah), we decided it was time to start a family. If it happened, it happened. It was such a comfortable and exciting place to be in! We were totally willing to see what happened and it was all in the Lord's timing.

I found out I was pregnant in October :) 2 days late and 3 tests later (all possitive), Erin said, "Well, I think you're really pregnant!" I definitely told him the same morning I took all the tests, we were both excited and like, "Wow. Ok, now what?!" It was hard to go about our normal routine, seeing friends and co-workers everyday and having to hide such exciting news! We told our family around week 6, I think... I had my first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks. It was all becoming so real!

Praise the Lord I only had 2 weeks of "morning sickness," from week 6-7. Ha, more like all day sickness and through the night sickness. But I only suffered nausea and never any throwing up, thank you Jesus!! If you really know me, you know barf is just NOT my thing. I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks from absolute lack of appetite. I would have crackers by my bed so in the middle of the night if I got hungry I would nibble on a cracker. Erin thought he was sleeping next to a little mouse. I had to have a cracker before getting out of bed and would stratagize how fast I could make it to the kitchen from bed and shove a piece of toast in my mouth before getting hungry and then nauseous. Hungry=nasuea. However, I had no appetite and eating 2 bites made me feel "I'm so full, I'm gonna puke," to 5 minutes later, "I'm so hungry, I'm gonna puke." Do I sound crazy yet?

Anyways, now I am past all of that and onto the more fun symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, hormonal induced headaches and fatigue. Yay! Ha Ha really though, I am loving being pregnant. I am still working, attending social functions and visiting with friends. But if you come over to my house after 5pm, don't expect any homemade dinner or me to get off the couch...Erin has fond memories of when I used to make dinner. He is being so sweet and doing a lot of dinner cooking for us. I'm pretty content with a bagel and cream cheese but he can only take so much of that ;)

Wow this is getting lengthy! Here are a few belly shots from the last few weeks. Sorry, not really any bump yet. But let me just tell you, gas baby is no joke.

8 weeks!

10 weeks!

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  1. YAAAAY!!! Congratulations! I'm super-excited you two are going to be guiding a tiny piece of the future.