Sunday, March 24, 2013

Decorating My Home

Lately, patterns and prints have been speaking to me. My house has turned into a wonderful, eclectic, and homey style. Of course, It still doesn't look like a man lives with me. Whatever. He has a whole man cave he can decorate store junk treasures in. 

As lovely as I am making our home, we will soon have to change things up a little bit. And it sure ain't my style.

Pretty soon this guy will be joining us.

Not the guy on the right. I'm talking about the other thing. The big guy in the truck bed. Poor Bambi. Yes guys, my man shot a deer. And not only are we eating it, but now I get to look at it hanging on my wall.

It's not here yet. The taxidermist is still working on it in Alabama. Erin had it mounted. We will see where it ends up. I'm still 99% sure it should go in the man cave.

I have other lovely things to look at. Like this:

 I just recently recovered all of these pillows except for the super cute, antique coffee sack pillow my mom gave me. I love mixing different prints. Erin thinks we have too many pillows. I don't know what he's talking about. 

And this:

I found a home for the cork board I made a few weeks ago. It is above our trash/recycling and next to the pantry in our kitchen. I like the pop of the mustard against the grey.

And this:
This is a lovely shade of yellow. I scored this at Target a few weeks ago for $19. It looks lovely in our living room. I like all the different patterns I got going on. 

Lastly, I love this print too:
This is a super cute hamper I bought so my husband could put his super dirty clothes in it! Seriously though. He must roll around on the basement floor. He knows to immediately remove all dirty clothes before coming in, so now they are hidden in here instead of a pile on my floor.

So back to the deer head. My style of adding some cute antlers would be this

White. Just a little fun decoration on the wall. Clean looking. No eyeballs. Or fur.

My man is thinking something more like this
 Oh deer.

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