Sunday, December 29, 2013

15 weeks!

Baby Rice is coming along! I am officially starting to show. The bump made its reveal at 13 weeks and is the biggest after dinner :)
12 weeks

13 weeks
14 weeks

15 weeks

I'm not sure we have enough pictures of our kid.

And here is a little video of the rice cake. Can't feel 'em yet but they are moving so much! This is from my 13 week appointment.

I have been feeling great! I really had it easy for the first trimester and try not to complain very much. I am still working part time at Blackbear Diner and that leaves me feeling super beat after work, but I'm only working around 25 hours a week. However, I am on my feet for 5-6 hours without a that is rough. The couch and I have become great friends.

When I was having my two week "rough patch" I lost 6 pounds. I'm not sure if I've gained all that back yet since my scale's battery conveniently pooped out. It's a special battery, so we'll see when I get around to replacing it. I have been playing around with some maternity pants and shirts. I don't really need the pants yet but they are suuuper comfy. The problem with wearing them is that I have to wear a maternity shirt with it to be long enough to cover the stretchy-belly part.

Erin is out of town right now, so naturally I went shopping. Yesterday I bought our stroller!! YAY! I had been thinking about getting a BOB for a while and knew we would only be using one stroller and it might as well be a jogging stroller. We received some Christmas money from Erin's mom and put it towards the BOB. I am tempted to open it up and put it together, but it will just sit collecting dust until June. We'll see how long I hold off ;) Also, I had pizza for dinner. Don't tell Erin.

This thing is amazing and no one will tell you otherwise.
We decided right away that we didn't want to find out the sex of the baby! So we won't! A lot of people find out and I think that's great and maybe we will for our next kid, but we truly want to be surprised. Please don't try and talk us out of it, it's our kid ;)

We plan on using our back bedroom as the nursery. Currently it has our guest bed, dresser, and some bookcases in there. We can move the bed into our craft room/office and store some books in the basement. The nursery will need to be gender neutral! However, it will not be full of yellow and green. It will be cute! I don't even need to paint because the color is fine. It's like a grey/blue/pastel color.

I've been painting a dresser/changing table a friend gave me with antique white chalk paint for the nursery. I like this crib. A lot! (Not really the mattress cover)
And this rug!

This is an old picture of the back bedroom but this is the color we will be keeping.
So far I have a picture of what I want, but it's hard for anyone else to see it :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

We Made a Baby! Yay!!

We are officially sharing the most exciting news we have ever had-we're pregnant! Erin and I decided to start a family and praise the Lord it didn't take very long :)

When we first got engaged, I wanted to be on the 10 year plan! I thought we would be married for a long time and be selfish and enjoy our time together, party of 2 ;) Let's be honest! But, our hearts have changed and after 3 years of marriage and a "babymoon" to Kauai (one last hoorah), we decided it was time to start a family. If it happened, it happened. It was such a comfortable and exciting place to be in! We were totally willing to see what happened and it was all in the Lord's timing.

I found out I was pregnant in October :) 2 days late and 3 tests later (all possitive), Erin said, "Well, I think you're really pregnant!" I definitely told him the same morning I took all the tests, we were both excited and like, "Wow. Ok, now what?!" It was hard to go about our normal routine, seeing friends and co-workers everyday and having to hide such exciting news! We told our family around week 6, I think... I had my first ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks. It was all becoming so real!

Praise the Lord I only had 2 weeks of "morning sickness," from week 6-7. Ha, more like all day sickness and through the night sickness. But I only suffered nausea and never any throwing up, thank you Jesus!! If you really know me, you know barf is just NOT my thing. I lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks from absolute lack of appetite. I would have crackers by my bed so in the middle of the night if I got hungry I would nibble on a cracker. Erin thought he was sleeping next to a little mouse. I had to have a cracker before getting out of bed and would stratagize how fast I could make it to the kitchen from bed and shove a piece of toast in my mouth before getting hungry and then nauseous. Hungry=nasuea. However, I had no appetite and eating 2 bites made me feel "I'm so full, I'm gonna puke," to 5 minutes later, "I'm so hungry, I'm gonna puke." Do I sound crazy yet?

Anyways, now I am past all of that and onto the more fun symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, hormonal induced headaches and fatigue. Yay! Ha Ha really though, I am loving being pregnant. I am still working, attending social functions and visiting with friends. But if you come over to my house after 5pm, don't expect any homemade dinner or me to get off the couch...Erin has fond memories of when I used to make dinner. He is being so sweet and doing a lot of dinner cooking for us. I'm pretty content with a bagel and cream cheese but he can only take so much of that ;)

Wow this is getting lengthy! Here are a few belly shots from the last few weeks. Sorry, not really any bump yet. But let me just tell you, gas baby is no joke.

8 weeks!

10 weeks!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kauai- Day 9

Today was our last full day!! :( So sad! We could easily stay for another week, it's crazy.

This morning we went on a boat tour of the Na Pali coastline. So fun! We left about 8:30am and the water was perfect. No wind or white caps. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip and I would highly recommend this tour. It was the Blue Dolphin Charters. Use them if you are coming here. All of the crew was super friendly. The captain was awesome. They are remembered our names throughout the day. We had fruit and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a deli lunch. They walked around and made sure everyone had something to drink. Soda, fruit juice, water. The captain even bartended after the snorkeling!

A great view of Ni'ihau. Did you know only 200 people live on the island and ONLY hawaiians can live on the island. No one else is allowed on the island. 

We were guaranteed to see dolphins and we sure did. This video is just a small glimpse of them. There were tons. These are spinner dolphins. Seriously, they spin out of the water. It was so fun to watch. Jumps, spins, flips and everything!

The captain drove the boat right under a little waterfall. It felt really nice. We were on a large catamaran but some smaller boat tours go into the tunnels.

Gorgeous water. It looked like it was glowing in the dark.

We snorkeled for about an hour and it was amazing. We saw tons of fish, warm water, great visibility. And we saw lots of turtles! On the ride back, we had all you can drink mai tais. Good time all around.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kauai-Day 8

Well, its no secret I like to fall asleep early, especially on the couch. That is exactly what I did last night, hence no blog post.

Yesterday, Erin went scuba diving nice and early. I hit the mall for a while, which consisted of Starbucks and Macy's. Not many large department stores on the island. However, there is  KMart, Walmart and Costco.

Erin had a great dive! He could see all the way to the bottom, which was about 60 feet or so. That doesn't happen in California. I got me a hat and some TOMS.

We had some delicious lunch after I picked up Erin from diving. I got to drive the car for the first time while he was gone. The whole time I have been chauffeured by my husband! He is sweet, but mostly because we didn't want to pay extra for me to be a driver. I'm not 25 yet :) So cruising in the convertible was fun!

This place was fun. Everyone writes on the walls. We thought this was a funny picture!

Next, we headed to the Kilohanna Plantation. We took a 40 minute train ride around the plantation. It was pretty fun! 

There are papayas growing on the trees!

Pineapples! They take 2 years to grow and you get 1-2 per plant.

Wild pigs!

We don't get a sunset on our side of the island but we have a golden hour :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kauai-Day 7

We headed out to Tunnels reef first thing this morning to go snorkeling. It was great! We borrowed a friend's underwater camera to get pictures of the fish but I won't be able to get the pictures off the camera for a while. So, you'll have to wait with me! We did see a turtle!

We went to a fancy dinner tonight! We have been wanting to go to Gaylord's and tonight was the night. Lots of Mai Tais and lots of food. MMMmm.

I'm so full right now. Must. sleep. Food coma.