Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have been making all of our bread for the last several months now. I love it. I'm no expert, but I am learning a ton and really enjoy it. Erin really likes eating the baked goods too. Things I make regularly are soaked whole wheat bread, biscuits, pie crusts, crusty bread, bagels and I'm working on the sourdough :) 

I tried out this recipe last night/today and I think it is a decent one. I have tried a few others too, but am looking for my ''go to" recipe and I haven't found it or mastered it yet. The only thing that I found negative about this recipe is that it only made 6 bagels. However, I think next time I will use this recipe again and shape them into smaller bagels and could probably squeeze out 8. I also liked how 
I had all of the ingredients on hand.

They ain't perfect, but sure make my house smell good :)

Bagels take time and are not necessarily easy, but not hard either. I really enjoy making our own breads and this is just another thing I enjoy spending time on. I let the bagels sit overnight in the fridge and then boiled and baked them when I got home from work. Now I can have some with cream cheese for breakfast, or fry an egg with a slice of cheese on top. Have you ever made bagels?

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