Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Today I have big plans and aspirations, I think. But when I try to remember them, I forget them and think of something else. This could be due to the fact I woke up at 6am this morning, on my day off, to make Erin his coffee and kiss him good-bye. He is going out of town for a few days.

This is exciting and sad at the same time. Mostly only sad because he won't be going to yoga with me tonight. And sad because I don't really like to cook when he isn't home to eat 75% of it and all the leftovers. Which makes this exciting because then I have an excuse to just go out and get me some chipotle or a deli sandwich for dinner instead :)

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I finally signed up for Farm Fresh To You, an organic produce delivery system they have in the area. I was debating doing this since last year, but over the summer I hardly cooked. I did other fun, laborious things like paint my house from head to toe (which I know houses don't have, just go with me), tiled my kitchen floor and bathroom, picked out sinks, and faucets, and hardware, installed pretty glass door knobs, sanded walls, caulked gaps in things, puttied walls, taped trims, washed paint brushes, handed my husband tools, and used my cute pink cordless drill. So, anyways, this year, now that my kitchen is put together and I have more time on my hands, I've signed up for it! This is exciting. Not only is everything locally grown, it is organic and it gets delivered to my door!!! Amazing.

Now I don't have to drag the kids with me to the grocery store to get expensive organic produce for dinner. Haha, just kidding. I guess this makes me lazy since I won't be needing to leave my porch to get the fruits and veggies. And for the record, I have no children yet. So, I am lazy sometimes. Anywho, the box I picked is a regular sized box, it is $31.50 and I have it scheduled for every 3 weeks. I did 3 weeks because I can't wrap my brain around spending $63 a month on fruits and veggies. And there is no way that would fly with Erin, lol, so we will try every 3 weeks.

You can select all kinds of things you don't want to ever be put in your box. I really only selected a few things, since I am looking forward to the challenge of getting things I have never seen, eaten or made before and having to come up with something! Sounds fun :) I selected bok choy, dandelion, and something else. Just because.

I have been making my own bread for the last few weeks, and feel like I am not spending as much lately at the grocery store. Not that I spent a ton of money on bread, but kinda! I buy sprouted whole grain bread, for toast and what not. Sourdough english muffins, for egg sandwiches. A loaf or two of sourdough bread for dinner. Then, maybe tortillas occasionally. All of this things I can now make myself. Which is awesome. Just a few weeks ago, I was spending about $80 at Trader Joes, maybe another $20 on things from Safeway that TJ didn't have or that was better to buy in bulk, like tp and paper towels, cotton balls, etc. Then I would occasionally buy my milk, eggs and other fun things at the natural foods co-op. Yikes! This last week, I think I spend about $50, total. I have been buying more things in bulk, and making my own breads. I don't imagine cutting down my bill that much every week, but it is fun and challenging to keep a budget.
I felt bad after buying all this, because I used so many plastic bags. Maybe I can start re-using the bags? They weigh the contents so I can't bring any containers or anything. Any ideas? Make my own, ya ya I know :)

I currently have my second batch of kombucha tea going, since my first batch was a hot mess. I believe I learned a few valuable things, though. Such as: Don't use half a scoby, don't use tap water, don't use cheese cloth. So, I will try try again. I have it sitting by my heater because I know my kitchen/counter is too cold for it. Its like baby. Is it eating enough? Is it too cold or too warm? Should I do this or do that? It keeps me up at night just thinking about it!

This is my artisian bread on the left and my kombucha on the right. I will be making this bread after I clean my kitchen and finish my coffee.
 I made chapstick this week. I was so easy. Coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax.



  1. Okay, I just have to say that you are doing everything I want to do, but can't quite get to with the homeschooling, 4 children, laundry, 4-H and everything else. The chapstick project looks so fun! Where did you get the supplies? That would be a fun thing to do with my girls. :-)

  2. Do you know, I had to scroll up and make sure I was on your blog because you wrote, "don't have to take the kids..." and I thought - what - wait a minute... :D

    We make our own bread here to and grind our own grain. We also love coconut oil. We don't make kombucha, but we do make water keifer! We really should talk about this stuff on Sunday! :D

    I am so glad I found your blog. I LOVE the look of it as I adore peonies. :)


  3. Charlotte- You have your hands full! The chapstick supplies I ordered from It was about $6 in supplies, not too bad. And it was fun and they are all natural.

    Kate-I hope someday to get a grain mill and sprout my own flour. I want to make milk kefir so I can use it to sprout stuff. Have you ever made it? It would be so fun to get tips from you, since I am a newbie :)

  4. I have sprouted grain, but not flour. I didn't know you could do that. LOL I was not crazy about the sprouted bread partly because I think I did a poor job of making the bread. LOL Kathi tried it once and her bread was like hair. (She would tell you the same. lol)

    I like the soaking of flour and I did that with whey from the making of Greek yogurt I did when I tried that. I didn't use kefir for that. We were drinking it too fast here with all the mouths I have. :D I messed my grains up though so I will have to get some new ones before it will work again. Once I do, and they grow, I would be happy to give you some. It is great stuff and we all love it.

    We do bake bread regularly and it is yummy. :D If you have the $ for a grain mill, it is worth every penny.

    :+) Kate