Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello Summer!

We have been enjoying the cool summer mornings and even the afternoons, but this house can get hot at night! We can not wait until we have HVAC. A few of our windows are missing the screens and we are not going to replace them until after we paint the exterior of the house. So we either stay hot or get a few bug bites :)

Progress wise, we are doing great! The work is done inside our side of the house, except for what Erin and I need to finish ourselves (paint some more and tile). We had some door jams fixed this last week, so there are no more gaps above the doors and they all close properly. I didn't really notice how bad some of them were but am appreciating how great they are now.

This last week, my sister had her surgery so I spent some time with her while Erin began ripping up the floor in our dining room. I also reupholstered our dining room chairs. The set was given to us by a good family friend whose mother passed away. It is the perfect size table for us and it has a built in leaf, but the cushions were very out-dated and not really in style, so I gave it an update and made them more shabby chic! We also hustled and got the back bedroom completely finished! YEAH! We removed all of the old paint on the window frame by using a heat gun, BEST THING EVER! It's like a little blow dryer that gets extremely hot and the paint just bubbles up and you scrape it off. Why did we just now find out about this!!?? The only down part is how hot the room itself gets, so I pretty much had Erin doing all of that hehe.

From this
To this!

It's going to be a little library/den for Erin. He can have one room right?? :)

This is a before picture of the chair cushions. And these are the during/after. I also really liked doing this and can't wait to do some more projects!

I also started painting our bathroom, so I can finally have a mirror in there!

The back unit is going to become 2 bedrooms so they are framing and going to town!

Here are some random pictures of Erin and I at Amy's Cal Poly graduation and our camping trip last week.


  1. It's so much more rewarding when you do all the hard work yourself. It's all looking great! So happy for you guys!

  2. Those chair covers turned out so beautiful! And I am sure you cannot wait to get air conditioning. :-) The house is coming along and looks great!