Thursday, June 2, 2011


Paint, paint, and more paint. The 2 bedrooms are finally ready for us. So, this last week, with help from my girl Candice and Erin, we painted the back bedroom, the front bedroom, and the new kitchen wall. We primed them all first too. And of course had to paint the ceilings, which is hard work. They need some molding put up, carpet and baseboards and then I'll be ready to move into them!

The rest of our carpet is being installed this next Tuesday! Erin has been getting the front entryway ready for tiling. We got some plywood down, hardi-backer over that and then we will tile. We had some trouble with our bathroom tile because our subfloor is not sturdy enough and will have to be re-done. So we are taking all the pre-cautions and experimenting with the entry.

This last weekend we had Erin's cousin staying with us and it was great! He helped us out working around the house and Erin finally parted with his mercedes and gifted it to Josh. They did some tree trimming and stuff. I also did a lot of cooking, which I loved! We had quiche, juevos rancheros, and egg sandwiches for breakfasts, and tri-tip, chicken parmasean and dessert! It was a good excuse to cook a lot.

Here is some of the progress we've made:

 We found a secret window above our backdoor! We are trying to remove the paint and scrape it off so that we can have light again. It's been painted over and over, like every other surface in our house :)
We also found this seriously old letter from behind our cabinets. The postmark on the envelope is from 1955. The stamp was also 4 cents! It's like a love letter or something, it's between a man and woman. There is one page from each person saying that they want to see each other soon and they were going to meet at the Sacramento hotel that used to be on K street! It's so cute, I'm not even making this up
Here are the guys on the roof cutting some trees back from the house.

And this is what a hungry man eats after working all day, working on the house and after he already had dinner. Erin is crazy. It's milk with pieces of bread soaking in it, sick!


  1. Mel, I love your updates on the house, you are doing such a great job! And all by yourself too! I would've never been able to do this!

  2. That letter is so cool! I wonder if you could sell it to a museum or something....hmmmm romantic letter hidden in the wall? I wonder why.

    And Erin is just plain weird. First I find out he doesn't like peanut butter and now the bread in milk thing? Crazy.

  3. Oh my! Mel, that letter is amazing. What a fun little find and so unique! I can't wait to see the house, it's looking great!