Monday, March 24, 2014

Guess What!?!

Guess what???

…I’m pregnant! Just kidding, you already knew that:) The short answer is: we moved! To Dixon! Because that’s so much more fun than Midtown, Sac :) This last week was one of the busiest weeks of my life and definitely the most challenging one of my entire pregnancy. And wouldn’t you know it, my most hormonal one, of course.

Why the move? A couple of factors helped us make the decision.
1.     I want to quit working as a waitress. I have definitely been cutting back on my hours at Black Bear and was ready to stop all together. There aren’t really any opportunities throughout my 6-7 hour shift to sit and rest. I have to carry heavy plates of food all day long, which was really killing my back at the end of my shift. And pregnant hormones don’t allow me to put up with much crap from stupid customers ha-ha. Let’s be honest. I was over it. And it is physically hard on this mama.

However, on a nice busy day I would make around $20 an hour. So in order to help our household income stay afloat, we decided to cut back.  We found a much more affordable place to live with utilities and laundry (and free pool access) included :) And it’s sooo much more quite than midtown.
2.     We have been thinking about moving out of our side of the duplex for a while and knew we could bring in more money if we rented it out to other people and we lived somewhere cheaper. Make sense?
3.     We have some friends who have a granny flat/1 bedroom apartment on their property in Dixon and were looking to rent it out. So we jumped on it. Did I say 1 bedroom? Yep. Talk about downsize ;) But we really like it and it brings me to point 4.
4.     We are closer to family. My mother in law lives in Dixon and my parents and father in law live in Vacaville, which is 15 minutes away! And with the baby coming, that will be nice to be closer so we can take the kid to them and take a nap. Hey Grandma!
5.     But the most exciting reason of all is: WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE IN VACAVILLE THIS YEAR!!!! This has been a plan of ours for a few years now. We will be able to save money for the house/make new house payments on that while I can stay home with the baby! Praise the Lord! We have officially got the financing done and contractor ready to go. We are hoping to have it done within a year. No problem right? Because everything in new construction is totally easy and always on time ;) Right….

That about sums it up! My main concern is the small space with the baby. But, I am excited to downsize, minimize and do something new. The baby wasn’t enough change this year, so we added a few more things...

I’m glad this week is over. Last Saturday, we hosted a dinner at our house. It was my last night of the house being cute and hosting in our home. Waaaaahh. Then on Sunday, we started packing after church. We singed the lease on the apartment Tuesday night and got the keys. We stayed in Dixon Friday night and finished moving everything out of our home by Sunday. DANG! 7 days. A lot of our stuff is being stored at my father in laws, which is where we are building the house. Makes sense to store it there: free and that’s where the new house will go, so we won’t have far to move it all next time. Bonus.

My sweet husband worked so hard and we had some nice friends help lighten the load. Did I mention our house is 95% move in ready, too? We moved out and cleaned it in 7 days. Since I can’t do any heavy lifting, I puttied, painted, scrubbed, dusted, and vacuumed like a maniac so that we could get it ready to show as fast a possible. And I worked 3 days last week at my job. Dang. We are hoping to get it rented out in early April and start making some mulah. 

Ok, this post is long enough. I will keep you all updated on the new house plans soon. But right now I need to unpack our apartment. Wish me luck! And energy. And storage space miracles.


  1. That is such exciting news! Although I am sad to see you moving further away from me. :-( But being able to build your own home will be so much fun! :-)

  2. Good for you! Makes so much sense! Excited to see how the new place will turn out!