Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pregnancy Update! 22 Weeks

I'm not that great at blogging regularly. I know, big shock if you've read my blog over the last few years. Ha ha. Being pregnant isn't really changing that. I'll try and fill you in on the last few months!

I'm now 22 weeks and 4 days along in this pregnancy! I had a super easy first trimester, with only 2 weeks of "morning sickness" like symptoms but never any throwing up. The second trimester is going just as great! I am still working about 20 hours a week at the diner and 4 hours a week with my friend Amy who runs her own Etsy shop out of her home (The Belle and The Beau). Working at the diner is definitely getting harder. I'm pretty beat after I get home.

The baby is doing great! I always hear really positive things at all my appointments. Thank you Lord! Baby Rice was measuring a week ahead at my last appointment, so it may be possible that my due date could be as early as June 15. My normal due date is June 22. I won't hold my breath. This baby will come whenever baby wants to come (or so I hear that's how it goes). :)

We did not find out the sex of the baby. We held strong! For someone who doesn't want to find out, we have sure had plenty of opportunities. I had food poisoning last week which brought me to the ER for fluids and then back again 2 days later for pain management. I am all well and recovered now and the baby was doing perfect the whole time. They did 2 more ultrasounds last week just to make sure, making our total at 6 ultrasounds this pregnancy! Ha ha that is at least 3 opportunities we had to find out and luckily no one slipped up and told us :)

Here are my "bumpdate" pictures!

16 Weeks
17 Weeks

18 Weeks. This is the week we felt the baby move for the first time!
19 Weeks

20 Weeks!!
20 Week Ultrasound

21 Weeks! A little small after all the food poisoning issues lol

22 Weeks!
We have been making some progress on the nursery! We moved out the guest bed and some smaller bookshelves. Now we need to install our new window, pack up the last books and swap out the last bookcase. All we need is the crib and it's pretty much done!

I didn't paint the room since I really liked the existing color and it's gender neutral. I got our changing table/dresser from a friend who was moving and didn't want it anymore (thanks Leslie!). I painted it and love how it turned out. My Nana bought me the white chair from Ikea and my Aunt bought the rug from Target. My parents are getting us the crib! We are so blessed and are feeling the love.

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