Saturday, May 31, 2014

Full term baby... And my bags are packed!

I can't believe I am full term! This pregnancy has been wonderful, seriously. Yes, I had a little bit of morning sickness (but no throwing up) and some aches and pains but I absolutely LOVE being pregnant. This kid has been good to me :)

So far, I have gained 22 pounds. Not too bad! I haven't had any heartburn, praise Jesus! And this girl likes spicy foods too, so I haven't had to sacrifice in that department :) The only stretch mark I can see is right above my belly button and it's about 1/4" long. I will tell you I have got quite the outtie and this pregnancy has done a number on my cute little belly button that I used to have...oh well :)

My 36 week appointment went well! The baby is head down. What a relief! I honestly thought they were sideways sometimes by the way I could feel movement on both sides of my bump when baby was practicing some dance moves. So, I don't have to worry about the baby being in the wrong position for delivery! My midwife thinks the baby is about 6-6 1/2 pounds. I tested negative for Strep B, so no antibiotics! Yay! And I'm 50% effaced and she thinks 1 1/2 centimeters dilated. That's 1 less I have to go during labor ;)

Erin and I have hired a Doula to help us with the birth and we are really learning a lot from her and feeling confident about the whole birth process. We just have to make sure we bring our hospital bags with us for the next few weekends. We are going to a wedding on the 14th and Erin is in a wedding on the 21st. Remember my due date is the 22nd? Oh boy!

Speaking of hospital bags...they are all packed!
Birthing ball, diaper bag, and suitcase all ready to go
I was originally going to pack in an over-the-shoulder, cute duffel bag but then realized a rolling suitcase will be much easier for us to take in/out of the hospital. And by us, I mean Erin :) I also thought about bringing my nursing pillow but feel like that's a luxury I can save for home and I can just use pillows in the hospital. Plus, it's one less thing to carry. That ball is awkward enough, haha.

The car seat has been in my car for a few weeks now, so we're all set there! We'll have to carry that in/out of the hospital, too!

Did I show you my diaper bag yet?!! It's adorable and I am so blessed to have amazing friends :)
Petunia Pickle Bottom is the cutest!

 This is what I have packed in my diaper bag with lots of room to spare:

Nursing cover, 1 set of disposable nursing pads and a pair of reusable pads. Pretty sure my milk won't be in but I thought I would pack them just in case. I also have some Earth Mama nipple butter.
Girl socks and boy socks! Since we don't know what we're having, I'm bringing them both :)  

Vaseline to put on their butt before the meconium diaper! I hear it helps clean it up so much easier. Earth Mama bottom butter, Honest Company hand sanitizer and a pacifier just in case. I actually don't plan on using one for a while but thought I would throw it in my bag. 
Little hair bows, another neutral pair of socks and baby mittens. Also, 2 white onesies.
I'm bringing one Aden & Anais swaddling blanket and a burp cloth.

A going home outfit for baby boy or baby girl :)
I read a lot of posts on Pinterest about what to pack and felt like there is plenty the hospital will provide and I don't need to waste space packing my own. I'm not about to bring my own  diapers!They will be taking care of that for me. In fact, I'm sure I'll be stocking up on things to take home :)

As for "our" bag, here's what we got:
For me:
-1 pair of sweatpants
-1 tank top
-sports bra
-nursing bra
-1 pair of underwear- I am planning on stocking up on lots of mesh panties to take home
-1 pair of socks
-flip flops
-going home maxi dress

For Erin:
-1 t-shirt
-swimsuit and flip flops-in case he helps me labor in the shower or wants to shower himself

Other things:
-birth plan
-medicine ball pump
-toiletry bag for me
-phone chargers

Toiletry bag:
-shower cap
-make-up remover towels
-small mirror

Not yet packed: make-up bag and hair brush. I'll grab those hopefully at the last minute :)

Things I might still pack: laptop. But, I will have my iphone if we think we want to send out a quick e-mail or something. We only live 15 minutes from the hospital, so if there's anything we think we can't live without or need to stay longer than overnight, Erin can easily grab it or family can help us out :)

Anything I am clearly missing? Help me out!


  1. Speaking from experience, you will not want to leave the hospital in a maxi dress.
    You will have a heavy flow and those lovely mesh panties dont give you the support you need to rock a maxi dress.
    I would wear comfy yoga pants and a tank. Comfort is key at that point.
    Best of luck to you Melanie! Cant wait to see what you are having!

    1. Good point about the lack of support in the mesh panties! I'll have to see how it goes and will have pants as an option too! Thanks girl :)