Monday, September 2, 2013

Kauai-Day 7

We headed out to Tunnels reef first thing this morning to go snorkeling. It was great! We borrowed a friend's underwater camera to get pictures of the fish but I won't be able to get the pictures off the camera for a while. So, you'll have to wait with me! We did see a turtle!

We went to a fancy dinner tonight! We have been wanting to go to Gaylord's and tonight was the night. Lots of Mai Tais and lots of food. MMMmm.

I'm so full right now. Must. sleep. Food coma.


  1. Short term loans in usa I read your blog. its nice. you put great images of nature.The picture with the bird is really best of all.

  2. YUM!! The food looks so good! And we sat outside too. The waiter there suggested that while dinner was cooking we take a walk in the coconut grove to see the sun set, and then come back to eat and he would time it for the food coming out. That was probably my favorite place to eat in Kauai. :-)