Monday, May 14, 2012

My other awesome bread recipe I found!

This bread will blow your socks off! If you're wearing socks, that is. I have made this a few times and every time it amazes me that I made something so delicious and beautiful. I'm not a pro bread maker, but this makes me look good :)

I love this bread because 1) It's soaked and 2) It makes 3 loaves, which means I don't have to make the bread as often, about every other week. Have I mentioned that this girl hasn't bought bread for over a month!?! Okay, okay, one time I bought hamburger buns. But it was a last minute BBQ sort of night, and hot, and I'm not allowed to use my oven when it's hot in the house. Erin will make me cook with the stove in the basement, yikes!

The recipe is here! You need to make this bread! And you need to follow it exactly, because the recipe is spot on. Buy some vital wheat gluten, one of the ingredients, and you will be glad you did. It really makes the bread. And, heads up, the recipe calls for large quantities of ingredients, such as:

-1 cup of honey
-11 cups of whole wheat flour
-1 cup of kefir
-2 cups of oats
-3/4 butter or coconut oil (I like butter)

I make sure I have about 4 lbs of flour on hand and 1 lb of honey before I make this. But, when you think about it, you are getting 3 BIG delicious and nutricious loaves out of it (which also freeze wonderfully!)

You soak this bread overnight, which allows the phytates to break down and they are more easy to digest. I don't mean take the loaf and soak it in water. I mean, you take most of the ingredients, mix them all, and leave them be for 12-24 hours. So, usually at night when I am not doing much, like watching an episode of Seinfeld or looking at pinterest, I think to myself, I'll make bread tomorrow! And I do this
Throw the ingredients into the kitchen aid. This is why you have a kitchen aid, to make it work for you!

After it is all mixed, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it on the counter overnight, or for 12-24 hours.

I forgot I was making bread until hour 22, which was about 7:30 at night. Oops. That was a close one. I was trying to figure out the binding on my quilt, which consumed most of my day. So, I added some more ingredients, kneaded it for 10 minutes and let it rise for 1 hour. It looked like this

I knead this by hand. My secret: I wear heels. Haha, Bet you didn't think I was going to say that! Seriously though, my counter is just an inch or two too tall for me when I am kneading bread and I have to stand on my tip-toes. So I put on some heels and its perfect. Try it! 
After 1 hour of rising. Whoa!

Then you punch it down, flip it over and it will rise again in just 30 minutes. Then, you make the loaves and plop them into their pans and let them rise again, for 30 minutes. Bake them and viola!

Oh baby! They taste amazing and it makes so much bread! I hope this makes you want to make some bread. And if you need a taste-tester, me me me! I'm selfless like that :)


  1. Heels in the kitchen? What happened to barefoot?

    This bread is so good, my waist is looking more like the "after" bowl picture.

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.