Saturday, April 23, 2011

What are we doing?!?!

Wow this house is a fixer upper. I really understood that as I was standing in the house after I got the keys and just looked around. First, I realized it looks different when you really look closely, with the realtor not there and when you're not just doing a quick walk-through. It's pretty intimidating. So, that said, it's been 2 days and I feel like we're already behind! My sister helped me do some cleaning on Thursday. She swept the porch and steps and it made a huge difference.

This house has been vacant for a long time. One of the first things I did was clean up the bathroom a little bit. GAG. It was bad, and then I realized the kitchen facet it completely broken, like the water comes out at the base of the facet instead of the head haha. We are planning on getting a new countertop, sink, facet, and garbage disposal anyway, but in the meantime not sure what we're going to do! Probably buy the new facet and put it in. We spent all day Thursday washing our bedroom walls and part of the living room. It took forever! And it is tiring work. And there are still 2 more bedrooms, the kitchen, dining area, and bathroom to do. Because EVERYTHING needs to be re-painted. When I got off work on Friday, I also painted the ceiling in our bedroom, the crown molding, and started edging the baseboards and doors/windows. But then I ran out of light, lol because Colleen took off the light for us, but Erin and I had some trouble getting it back on lol. Plus I wasn't much of a help, I was saying "I can't hold it, my arms are too tired!" hehe.

Anyways, we will be working on this house for a long time, which is fun for me to think about. There are so many ideas that I want to do. For example, in the huge basement, there is a bathtub. One of the free standing ones that probably had claw feet and probably came with the house in the 30's. I want to throw it in the backyard and plant stuff inside it! Very shabby chic. And actually vintage. The basement will be Erin's man cave.

Before I forget to mention it, I was so excited when I got the keys, I parked right in front of the house and started unloading the car a little bit. Then my sister and parents came to check it out, and as we go outside, Colleen points out that I have a parking ticket on my windshield :( Boo. I forgot the check for street cleaning hehe. But it is the only parking ticket I have gotten and we have been in midtown for almost 8 months, not too bad. And I was completely excited to be in our house!

Here is a little video of Erin getting right to work on a wall we are getting rid of. He had to make his mark.

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