Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Blog!

So blogging is something most of my friends are doing and I absolutely love reading up on how their lives are. Now it's my turn! It won't be anything too exciting, just updates on life. So, for starters, Erin and I have been married for almost 8 months. Time has been flying by and it has been amazing to be married to such an incredible MAN! He really is so manly, in the way that he loves the Lord, takes care of our family, and can just do manly things in general haha. I love it!

Also, we have officially bought ourselves our first home, after searching for 14 months and being in escrow on this specific house for roughly 80 days!! Finally!! However, this house is far from being a home, yet. We are planning on putting in some elbow grease, which I am very much looking forward too. Finally something to do besides sit in our tiny studio apartment. I will be a painting pro soon enough! I think there will be many new skills and words that I will be acquiring, such as tiling our floors and the word hardibacker, or possibly experimenting with dry walling and lath and plaster??? Sounds fun! Hopefully I will be closely monitored when it comes to doing these new things :)

 The home was built in the 1930's and is a duplex. Our plans consist of remodeling it from it's current stage as a tri-plex back into a duplex, live in one side and rent out the other! I am most looking forward to having an actual house, with 3 bedrooms, instead of our tiny, TINY apartment that technically doesn't even have 1 bedroom, haha.  I am not looking forward to becoming landlords, but we are trusting in the Lord and asking for help in the way we manage our home.Tomorrow we are getting the keys and getting straight to work!

Speaking of work, I am still at Starbucks and love my store I am at. I really like all of the people I work with and there is never a dull moment, between making drinks, having conversations with customers, calling the cops on customers (seriously, it's like everyday...and sometimes so crazy. I will post some stories in the future), joking with my partners, and seeing our regulars. Erin has been working with the Bureau of Reclamation for about a year and a half now. His job is about saving the fish in the San Juaquin River, or something like that...he's my waterologist ;)

So thats kinda a rough explanation to catch up/indroduce everyone to our oh so exciting lives!


  1. Your house is really cute! I'm sure you'll have fun making it a home.

  2. Yay!! I'm glad you started a blog. =)

  3. So glad you are now my blogging buddy! And I can't wait for those Starbucks cop stories...

  4. I'm so glad you are blogging now. Mine is pretty boring but I've been doing it for about 3 years now and my family loves it. I love your house! It reminds me of the homes in Cincinnati. Have fun!