Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where do I start?

I have too many things going on right now, mostly in my kitchen. I'm really getting adventurous in what I make and eat. I am trying knew things, getting new appliances and then realizing, "where am I going to store all this stuff?" I'll figure that out later.

This week I have going:
-Kombucha (This has been my "go to" drink during this heat and I am it continuously brewing on my counter)
-Limoncello (When life hands you lemons, thanks Faith!, make....liquor? :))
-Yogurt in the crock-pot
-sourdough english muffins (They turned out okay, next time they will look better)
-fruit skins in my dehydrator
-that's enough, it's only Wednesday

This girl got a dehydrator for her birthday!!! Thanks mom and dad!

The first thing I made was fruit skins! My house smelled like strawberry fruit roll ups all day. Heavenly!

This is my limoncello. I found the recipe here. And my mouth is watering already!
It took me, oh, I don't know, an hour!!! to peel 10 lemons, carefully cutting away any white bitter pith.

I hear in Nevada they sell over a 100% proof everclear, hopefully the measly 75% will do. :)

And here they go, in the jar for 2 weeks! I will keep you all posted on the next steps.  

 And, I made yogurt yesterday/overnight. I haven't tried it yet. If you don't hear from me for a few days, send in help. I can't try it now, you'll put me on the spot! But I pay about $4.99 for greek yogurt at the store, for a quart. And I made almost 2 quarts of yogurt for $3. Holla! And its homemade and I know what the ingredients are: milk and a little bit of yogurt culture. Bam, yogurt!

Yum! Maybe next time I'll experiment with raw milk, but I don't want to waste it, so I started with whole milk. And I'll let you know if I die, I mean if I like it!


  1. How fun to have a dehydrator! That is on my list of things to look out for. And we have a bottle of Everclear in the top of our pantry....a long time ago we tried to make a mixed drink out of it and almost killed ourselves with that gasoline. I can't wait to see if the limoncello comes out. And I love doing yogurt on my crockpot too, but need to strain it through a cheesecloth to get it to more of the 'Greek style' consistency.

    Fun stuff, Melanie!

  2. I have heard it is extremely strong stuff :) I've never tried it before. The limoncello will be strong, but I am planning on mixing it will sparkling water and fruit this summer, for a fun summer cocktail. You'll have to come over and try it!

  3. And straining the yogurt is supposedly the important part. I looked at it and knew it was too runny for me, so I strained it hoping it would turn out and it's perfect.

  4. "Holla!" and "Bam, Yogurt!" - made me laugh. :) I need to start making our own yogurt. We go through a whole carton (at least) in one day.

    Next time you come you have to bring your dehydrator!! If it's easily portable of course. There are so many things I want to make before this baby gets here. AHHHH! I'm running out of time. ;)

  5. The dried strawberry rolls were a hit!

    I'm looking forward to hanging out on the porch (not close to the edge) sipping the lemony everclear!