Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday project

This morning, my sister and I, (hey Colleen!) went to Denio's flea market. I really wanted to get a desk/table to use for my future sewing room. She wanted to look for a dresser. We left empty handed. I'm still shocked! But, luckily for me, we stopped at the Goodwill outlet on the way back to Sacramento and I found a desk. It was also probably so much cheaper than what we would have paid at the flea market.

I'm not making it up. It was $5.50. That's my kind of deal!

It started off looking like this

It was in pretty decent condition. I ended up giving it a little sanding and removed the keyboard tray. My sewing machine does not have a keyboard. 

I used some teal paint I had left over from painting my potato bin. So that was a plus. Then, I bought some super cute hardware for the drawer and a wood stain for the top of the desk, making my grand total just under $15. Hey!

And this is the finished project! The hardware ended up being the wrong size, after I cut open the plastic container and everything! But, I'm okay with it. Maybe I could order a super cute pair of scissors drawer pull or something.

It is also distressed. This was my first time really distressing a piece of furniture and I'm pretty happy with it. Next time I'll really ding up the piece before I paint it, so that when I paint it and stain it the imperfections stand out more and it will look more shabby chic. I'm super excited to use this as my sewing table. My sewing room will be put together in just a few weeks!

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