Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Again

It's been so long since my last entry, I almost forgot how to sign in :). I was very crafty over the holidays, but since I was making presents for people who might read this, I couldn't post any pictures.  I had a wonderful Christmas with family and our first one here in our home. And for New Years, Erin and I went to Truckee to the cabin and enjoyed having no snow! We even walked on a frozen lake, super fun.

Also, I dyed my hair! I am now a brunette :) It's just a fun change up, won't be forever. 
This is Erin and I at Apple Hill, the beginning of December. It was a fun day and beautiful weather!

As far as the house renovations are going, we are still taking it pretty easy and recovering from working so hard this summer.  I have been doing a lot of storage organizing, which I enjoy a lot. Erin made us a threshhold for our front door. Our front door is wide, most standard doors are 36", ours is 42". Which means, of course, its custom. So we went to a custom door place and they didn't understand how our door was and Erin ended up just making one himself. That's my man!

I have been doing a lot of reading lately! I finished the Hunger Games in about 5 days, and I loved it. It's a fun read. I also got a great book some friends have been telling me about, called "The Nourishing Traditions." And it has really made me think about the food I am eating and preparing. Today, I even bought some raw milk ( I know, sounds gross and I am going to give it a shot!) and in case I don't like that, some organic cream top milk. They are even in cute little glass bottles.

I bought this white frame from ikea for $4 to go around my thermostat! The idea came from pinterest, my newest addiction. It's a craft website and so much more with free directions/tutorials/ideas. Let me know if you're interested in joining it.
I made some homemade gifts for Christmas. I ran out of time and only ended up making a few, but here are some pictures :)

I have been doing a lot of glass etching! It's really fun and not too hard. I made this laundry canister and filled it with homemade laundry soap. At our rate, this full container will last us about 3 years :)

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  1. I love the etching of the laundry soap!

    And Nourishing Traditions got me changing a few things about our diet. It is an interesting read. And I'll have to look for The Hunger Games. :-)