Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome Fall!

Fall is here! Except for the weather! Last week, Erin fixed our heater for us, although we haven't needed to use it yet :) Apparently there was a piece missing when we bought the house and pg&e couldn't fix it until we bought the right part, blah blah blah, and now it works!
We have really been kicking back around here as far as working on the house goes, and it has been NICE. However, it has really been a struggle to find a renter, until this weekend!!!! We got a renter! YEAH! Praise the Lord, woohooo!
Seriously, we spent months and so many hours and sweat and tears (only mine :)) and money and so much energy into fixing up this house, only to have it sit on craigslist for over 2 weeks with no one turning in applications to rent. Then this last weekend we had a woman and her daughter interested. And today they signed the rental agreement and started moving in! It is a daughter who will be living here, and her mom is a at home massage therapist, who will only be here during business hours seeing clients and then her daughter will live here full time (Her mom and dad live in their own home, and got this house for their daughter to live in). We are so excited to have it rented out.
I have been enjoying our house this fall. We have 7 pumpkins on our porch and i love it! I have fall scents going inside and have been making lots of food. Homemade breads, and desserts, and dinners. We have been getting our sewer worked on as well. There was root damage and a break in our main sewer line, so we had that repaired last week and it is fixed, but they still need to put the dirt back and pour new cement. One more problem that this old house had and we had to fix lol. But I am really starting to fall in love with our house.
We went to Santa Barbara at the beginning of this month so Erin could go lobster diving and I could work on my tan :) We had beautiful weather and got some good catches!
My husband is so handsome! He and his dive buddy saw a shark on this trip, and not just little ones, an 8 foot shark, crazy!!!

We also dog sat for a co-worker of mine for a couple days and it was so fun! I want a dog so bad but seriously, a puppy would be just too much work for us right now. And Erin is also against indoor we'll see.

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