Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New carpet smell :)

Today we had the last two bedrooms' carpet installed. It's a good smell :) We still have to finish putting back up the window frames and door frames and paint them too. Then pick out some baseboard for 1 bedroom. The house has most of the original baseboards that are really tall, about 7 inches or so but they are redwood, so when we took them off to drywall, some of them didn't make it off in one piece :(.

Sometime soon, we are having the electrician come designate a circuit for the microwave and do some more work around the kitchen area. The ceiling in the dining room has drywall up, but still needs tape, mud and texture. The bathroom still has to be textured and then I can paint it and then put up my mirror, towel racks, ect. I have been living here with no mirror for nearly a month!

I started stripping another door a few weeks ago, and it is almost done! What a time consuming project. I really enjoy it though, seeing the transformation is rewarding. We were able to salvage some kitchen cabinets from the back unit that we are tearing up and put them in our kitchen. I need to paint them still and find a small cabinet to go over the microwave. We took off the doors to the cabinets because the hinges are coated in paint. So naturally like everything else, I started stripping them. 3 hours later I was over it, and decided to just get new hinges, which is why there are no doors to the cabinets in the picture.

Here is the door I am working on

Here is our garden, I think it is growing! Even with the cloudy weather
This last weekend was Erin's mom's birthday on Saturday and his dad's on Sunday. For Jeannie's b-day dinner, we went to Cafe Marika, a homestyle Hungarian restaurant in midtown and it was delicious. I had chicken paprikash.
Then for Erin's dad's b-day, we got him a dog! We helped him finally pick out a dog and it's so friendly.

Just for fun, this is the current condition of the back unit that we are tearing out/remodeling. Unfortunately I do not have a real before picture because they started working on it so fast! But this is the crazy state of being it is in now

And finally, the rooms with the new carpet!

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