Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy bees

It has been a while since I've blogged and we have been busy! The house is coming along. I really haven't been doing too much work but there is work getting done. This last week we had electrical work done and wall finishers come tape and mud and texture some walls. The microwave was installed and a cabinet added above it. We found some rotting in one of the basement walls, so that is a change order and another thing to add to the list of repairs. But all in all, there isn't that much left to do. They installed the baseboard and trim in the  2 bedrooms and put up the shelves and hanger racks in the closets finally. They have started framing the back unit as well and getting that going!

Big things left: paint the kitchen, paint the bathroom, finish painting and re-touching the 2 bedroom window and door frames that were put back up, along with the trim and baseboards, tile the entry way and tile our kitchen. I think we will be done with the inside after that!!

Lately we have been seeing a lot of friends! I got to see my good friend Brittany briefly last weekend, then Erin and I went on a camping trip to Mendocino this last week, came home late Friday night, went to Vacaville all day on Saturday and saw my good friend Rachel and then Sunday was church and father's day. Life is getting back to normal for us.

This is the view from our campground. We stayed just outside Fort Bragg.
This week I am hoping to be more productive on the house. There is also a salvage store around here in Sacramento that has things specifically from old homes that have been torn down, like doors, hardware, windows, ect. So I really want to check that place out. We are missing a few really old/cool brass door hing pins, we need to replace some interior doors, and we could use some other cool old stuff I'm sure :) I am also keeping my eye on antiques and cool pieces we could use in the house. I would like to find some thing similar to a butcher's block to go in the kitchen and I want to find a tall narrow hutch/china cabinet to go in the dining area as well. These might take me a while to find but there are lots of antique shops around here that I need to visit, just don't tell my husband.

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