Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kauai-Day 3

I don't know what it is with me and sleeping in, but sometimes it is just not possible! We are on vacation and I woke up at 5:45! Seriously!? At least I can watch the sunrise each morning.

Today we left by 8:30 and headed to the West Side of the island. We went to Waimea Canyon. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get to the top from out resort, but the view was completely worth it. It was gorgeous. I keep feeling like I'm in Jurassic Park and I expect to see a dinosaur run by me. It's very prehistoric.

After the canyon, we hit up a taco stand for lunch. We found a glass beach! It was very similar to the one we frequent in Ca, in Fort Bragg. Then we headed to shipwreck beach. Is it picture perfect or what?!

We spent some time there swimming, watching people jump off the cliff and napping on our straw mats.

Tonight's dinner and my date!


  1. That food looks yummy!

    Did you know Jurassic Park was filmed near the Canyon...while we were there we took a helicopter ride (a rip off if you ask me) and we saw them setting stuff up to film. (Yes, that is how long we have been married.) :-)

    Beautiful photos!!

  2. I love Kauai!! Watts literally just got back; you might have been in the airport at the same time. Ditto what Charlotte said about Jurassic Park. If you get a chance, my receomendation is Caffe Coco; it's been over a decade, but when I was there it was entirely magical, and coincidentally, is the place I fell in love with coffee. Happy Anniversary, you two!!

  3. Charlotte I didn't know that until the other day. Now I want to watch the movies! We won't be doing a helicopter ride. I have been up in them a lot, thanks to my mom's awesome career, and would rather spend some bucks on a dive trip hopefully! We haven't made it to Gaylord's yet

    TK! I have been keeping an eye out for the coffee shop, that is so neat that you started liking coffee here! I need to come say hi soon :)