Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sew Crafty

I have been sewing a lot lately and really wish I had more time to do it. My mom was very generous and bought my sister and I Janome sewing machines a few years back and I finally am using it. My biggest project over the last few weeks was making a rag quilt.

Rag quilts generally don't take long to make, but I only worked on it bits at a time, had my machine act up and break (sort of ) on me and I ran out of fabric and had to wait 2 weeks for it to come. Minor technical difficulties lol. Needless to say, my fabric came in, my machine was fixed for free and I finished it. AND, I only sliced my finger once, owie.

I started with this batting and these 5 flannel colors. Flannel just doesn't have the same selection as cotton, so I was limited to my fabric choices, but nothing beats snuggling under some flannel.
And I ended up with this!
This is the back side, the "rag" part. After finishing the quilt, you cut the seams and wash it so it gets all soft. I had to empty my lint compartment in my dryer twice and vacuum all the strings from my carpet :)  

I have also been wanting to make my own napkins so I can stop buying/using paper napkins at dinner. And I like that it is more old fashion to use cloth napkins. So I started making those too. I think I am addicted.
This is a dark blue fabric but the lighting is hard to tell. It looks cute with my yellow place mats.

And this is the fabric for the ones I am making next. I have chocolate covered place mats too that I think this will go with, as well as with the yellow. Anyone want some napkins??


  1. Okay I totally want to do the napkins! One of our friends (the one with 5 kids at church) only uses cloth ones and has a basket of them on top of the fridge. And the fabric is so varied....leopard prints to pink roses. Such a good idea!

    And the blanket looks so well done too.