Monday, August 15, 2011

Going going going

I have a few seconds to blog really quick. Lately, We have been doing nothing but tiling. We tiled our whole kitchen and entry way and still need to grout the kitchen, which I am going to start as soon as I finish this. Mind you, Erin and I are both working everyday and still trying to manage our marriage, social life and basic necessities like bathing and sleeping hahah. Our life is crazy. Currently, the doors to my kitchen, pantry, and cleaning closet are leaning against odd places around our living room. The fridge is in front of our entertainment center, also in the living room and the stove/oven is chilling on our back porch.

Which leaves my kitchen looking like this. It is however all done being painted, I just need to eventually strip the doors and paint them, but I'm thinking that won't be for a few months :) And then baseboards when we are done grouting.
We have really come a long way, our kitchen looked like this on the day we bought it.

Big improvement :) I can't wait to put back our kitchen table, put my cute new bookshelf for my cook books, my appliances, and my potato bin. Think big picture!

Our entry way has new tile down! It just needs some quarter round trim to go over the bottom of the baseboards and then I need to paint the front door, it was literally peeling off in huge strips, so I decided to strip it and will paint it eventually.

 The other side of the house is getting done! They put up drywall and are finishing the rooms soon!

 We are seriously living in a construction zone, no joke.
This was them priming and painting our house.

And finally, they are 90% done painting our house! They were supposed to do it while we were on vacation, ha! 3 weeks later.... They did everything except the porch because we still have a lot of foot traffic going on and work being done, so they didn't want it to get stained and I agree! They will come back and paint it grey later.

It started off looking like this,

And it's so much better now! You just have to come and visit us to see it in real life!

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