Sunday, May 8, 2011

One more week!

Wow, time has been flying by and there is still so much to get done before we can live there! Right now I am blogging on our air mattress in the apartment, since Saturday we moved our bed, mattress, desk, and kitchen table to the house!
We are a little upset about the lack of stuff being done at the house though. There is no kitchen countertop, no sink, no drain or anything on our side. There is also no bathroom toilet. It has been that way since the 2nd. There is no bathroom sink. The plumbing needs to get done before everything can go back in. They started demo-ing the other unit without telling us first, so there is no toilet over there either, just a kitchen sink. Needless to say, it all better get done this week because we are going to be living there on the 15th no matter what.
We are hoping to get carpet installed in the living room and our bedroom on Friday so we can move everything in and be out of the apartment on Sunday. This week our granite countertop came in and our kitchen sink too. So It's all ready for the contractor to install: They need to cut the granite, cut and lay the sink, put in the garbage disposal, and build an attachment for our dishwasher! Then I will be happy with the kitchen :)
As for the bathroom, tiling is done and they need to fix the plumbing at the toilet and sink. Then they can finish with tape and mud on the drywall. Then we can put in the vanity and toilet, and then we can paint and use the bathroom! All needs to be done by Sunday the 15th. I need a toilet and a kitchen sink. Is that too much to ask? :)
On Saturday, Erin's dad came up with his stump grinder and got rid of this huge stump in the back of the house. It took about 45 minutes to grind it up but about 45 minutes to fit in alongside the back of the house each way. It was a tight squeeze. Amy helped unload all of our wedding presents that we had stored away! It's like getting married all over again, there are so many things I have never even opened, I am getting so excited just thinking about it!
We got our granite countertops delivered on Friday too. I like them alot. I ended up buying 18 feet of granite, hehehe. There will definitely be some extra since we only needed 13 feet. Hopefully that will look better than the last ugly peach colored countertop in the kitchen.

They have also removed the super cracked plaster in the closet of our bedroom, brought it down to the lath and then put up new drywall. They just need to mud and tape it and then it will be ready to move my clothes into :)
They did the same with the back bedroom. There were 3 bad walls with cracks that were poorly repaired, so we are starting over with drywall too.

Lot's of dust and plaster everywhere! I asked them to save the curves of the ceiling and they were able to. I think it adds a lot of character to the house and the charm so I am so glad they saved it! It should look really great when its done and there is new paint and new carpet!
Erin and I are really having fun seeing a house get remodeled and being able to see all the different stages. It's not something everyone gets a chance to be apart of, just remind me to stay positive while I'm living there in the construction!

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