Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kauai- Day 1

We made it to Kauai today! Last night (Monday) we stayed in Oakland overnight and took the free shuttle from our hotel to the airport first thing this morning. Like, first first thing. We were at the airport by 5:45am. Dang.

On Monday we took our time getting to the bay area. We made a happy hour pit stop in Vacaville to see my family. Then we stopped in Emeryville to do some window shopping and walking around. We ended up in Oakland around 8:30, locked ourselves in the room and called it a night! We chose to stay in/fly out of Oakland because 1) They fly non-stop to Kauai and 2)We stayed one night at this hotel so we could park our car there for free for 10 days and 3)It was just cheaper all around to do that! Hopefully our car is still there when we get home ;)

We left this morning at 7:15am and arrived around 9:45am in Kauai. Side note: Erin and I have been battling sinus colds all week and my biggest fear about getting here was flying with our sinuses all screwed up. Guys, it was awful. I was basically crying when we landed from the pain in my ears and head. It was probably the worst pain I've ever been in. Hard to want to be in paradise when you can't hear anything and are miserable. We are doing much better now. Please pray we can do some diving later this week! 
Complimentary Mai Tai's. Yes please!

When we went to pick up the rental car, we (me) decided to upgrade to a convertible!
Why not!?!

We found our resort and were met with this view. Not bad, right?

So far we have seen lots of chickens! Like, there was one inside the car rental building! And there were some outside at the grocery store by our feet waiting for us to drop crumbs. They must be Hawaii's seagulls or squirrels or something. Too funny.

I hope to blog regularly while we are here :) Aloha!

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