Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inside is almost done!

There are so many projects we have going, it's hard to notice any progress when you work on one a little at a time, yet they are all incomplete! But, we are getting stuff done. I am going to paint our dining area ceiling today. I've already put 2 coats of primer on it so it should be looking good. Then I can paint the walls in there, which I have already washed, puttied and sanded in areas. I painted the cabinets in the kitchen that we took from the kitchen we are tearing down and they turned out great! Now I am going to strip the doors so they look good, too. And put all new door knobs on them eventually.

 What they looked like when they brought them over
Now! Minus the doors :)
Erin and I have been working on getting ready to tile our kitchen/dining area floor. It took us a whole week of working until 9 each night to do what we have finished, and hopefully tomorrow night we can bust out whats left. We thought tile would look nice and be a good idea to put in the kitchen. But, we seriously had every problem you could have with your floors, so we took all the precautions in getting it ready. We tore up the linoleum, and under that were these 9x9'' linoleum tiles (fyi they were under every surface in the house, the bedrooms and the living room and bathroom. And they are so ugly I  can't imagine why they wanted them in the whole house!) and they were not that easy to get off. They were sealed to the sub-floor with tar. I started to break them off with some kind of power tool our contractor handed me and went at it! 

So once we were down to our sub-floor, we put down plywood, thin set, hardibacker...and now we can tile on top of that! Phew! What were we thinking?!? We should have just got new linoleum :) But it's going to look great.

As far as the outside, there is a lot that had to be fixed on the back side of our house. There was dirt laying against the house for who knows how many years, and it rotted out the entire bottom half of the siding against the back of the house. So all new walls/ siding are going in. They are fixing the foundation a little bit, too, while they're at it :) We got a new basement door. We have a new back door waiting to be installed and we are so excited! We also bought some security screens to go on the back doors so we can have better air flow.

Also, they are getting ready to prep the house for our paint job! So, my house is covered in scaffolding. The metal walk-ways and stuff they put around the building to walk on while they paint it. But, since our house is so special and has lead based paint outside, we get to have the lovely black screen wrapped around it too. We are quite the eye-soar of the block right now but know it will look great in just a few more weeks.
 View from the street
This is on the steps looking up, basically you have to walk under this to get to our front door. It's like living inside a giant fort of something!

I put of the blinds in the back room, front room and bathroom all by myself! And I say they look pretty good :) I also found these two things while antique shopping with my mom. A glass jug we are putting our coins in, and an old hair spray container thingy that I am using to hold cotton balls and q-tips in the bathroom.

 The lady at the store told me that the piece on the right is the top for the left piece, and they hide a bottle of hairspray inside it! That's super cool, I would have never guessed that's what it was for. But I like this way too, with the cotton and q-tips :)

Erin also stripped the bedroom door hinges and hardware! What a messy project but so worth it!

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  1. We seriously need to go antiquing find the greatest deals! And I can't wait to see the finished front of the house.!

    So far you guys are doing a great job! :-)